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"Rebounding is by far the most efficient, the most effective form of exercise yet devised by man!"
-Professor Albert Carter, USA Rebound inventor

Okay so you know how it works:
The bouncing causes gravitational overload, adjusting your body to a greater G force environment than everyone else experiences here on earth, making you aerobically and physically, the strongest you can be... Naturally!
Without having to lift heavy weights or run great distances.
And you know it's safe and effective!

No other exercise uses the natural forces of the earth in the unique way that Rebounding does.
But it doesn’t stop there.
Rebounding has numerous other health and fitness benefits that come hand in hand with the exercise:


For complete health and fitness

Strengthens immune system
Increases balance, coordination and dexterity
Increase in endurance
Lowers cholesterol levels
Tones and supports the glandular system
Burns more calories
Increases lymphatic circulation
Improves vision
Moderates appetite
Increases metabolism
Increases white and red blood cell counts

And because we are a multi cellular lifeform, Rebounding works on a cellular level too.

Strengthening, cleaning and feeding cells while you bounce!

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Plus videos, books and other Rebound related material!

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