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What makes Rebounding so effective?
And how does it produce such amazing affects on your body?

Rebounding shares the same key, or common denominator, of all exercise.


All exercise opposes gravity in some way.

In conventional exercise, gravity, acceleration and deceleration work on two planes.
Gravity bears down on you vertically while you accelerate or decelerate horizontally.

This running example demonstrates:

Rebounding does something dynamic by stacking all three forces in one vertical plane. When you accelerate or decelerate vertically, as in a space shuttle or on a trampoline you develop a greater g-force or grav-itational pull . At the bottom of the bounce your body feels the combined effects and for one moment responds as if earth’s gravitational pull had been increased.

Your body adjusts to a greater gforce enviroment than the normal gforce everyone else experiences here on earth. Just as if you were living on a larger planet than earth with a greater gforce environment.

This explains why trampoliners are in better physical shape than the average person. They have extra strengths from the high gforces that their bodies are subjected to on a regular basis.

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