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Rebounding has been proven to be completely safe.
Read the results of three agencies studying the affects of gravity and Rebounding.

1. The U.S.Air Force did a study on gforce effects and found that a healthy individual can safely withstand a total of 8 Gís in a standing position.
They also found that a healthy individual, bouncing on a quality Rebounder at maximum attainable height, can create a force of 3.24 Gís.
This is well within the maximum allowed in an upright position.


2. Part of a NASA study comparing treadmill running to Rebounding found these results:
That the G force measured at the ankle was always more than twice the G force measured at the back and forehead while running on a treadmill.
This explains lower limb injuries associated with aerobics and running. Conventional exercise can bring 4 times your body weight down on your skeleton when pounding your feet on a unforgiving surface!
The bodyís natural shock absorbers become overworked and push tendons, ligaments, and muscles to the point of injury.
While Rebounding, the G force was the same at all three points (ankle, back and forehead), which means no extra stress on any part of the body. Each part receives the same amount of G force.


3. The University of Utah did a study on Rebounders and found that Rebounders absorb over 90% of your body's weight on impact.
Thatís less than 10% of your body weight bearing down on your skeleton, on a forgiving surface!


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